“Top Tech For Potential Homebuyers”- FTHB Bonus!

February 17, 2016 Marc Edelstein First Time Home Buyers 0 Comments

Lets talk tech!

Pardon the interruption, but we are adding a SECOND bonus to the First Time Home Buyers Series! If you missed it, we ended last week with a bonus that you can check out by Clicking Here. We will also include a huge announcement at the end of the post so make sure to read the whole entry!

This bonus entry is all about technology (tech) in the home buying process. Why tech you might ask? Tech has completely revolutionized the home buying process and it is important to us that we equip you with the best tools possible when purchasing your first home. With the housing market strong and mortgage rates staying low, Millennials are taking this opportunity to buy their first home. Thousands upon thousands of Millennials will take the leap this year. Millennials also happen to be behind this tech movement, placing a premium on convenience through technology. That convenience has manifested itself, right here, in the home buying process.

So what we are going to do is walk you through the 3 apps that we think are the most beneficial to your home buying experience. Lets get started!



Realtor.com has an app and as far as tech in real estate goes, its pretty awesome! Plain and simple, the Realtor.com app has the largest database of properties for sale and rent.  If you are just starting to look at houses independent of realtor help, there is no better option! From a features point of view it is very similar to the capabilities of the Zillow app (which we will discuss) with a few great twists. One great feature allows you to search by school district. So say you discover a wonderful district on your Great Schools Finder app and want to find a house in that neighborhood you can easily accomplish that search using your Realtor.com app. Another cool feature that puts them ahead of the pack is their alert features. If you find a property you like you can completely customize alerts based on the price of the home. Realtor.com app is by far our favorite and we would recommend it to anyone.


Great Schools Finder:

This app is as brilliant and basic as the title suggests! If you are a parent, or hoping to be a parent, this app will come up big when buying your first home! When you are looking at prospective homes you can use this app to learn about the schools near by. On top of “official” data, it gives great information including first hand reviews of each school. It also includes district zoning. Using the app is as easy as typing in the address! This app has also gone through a major update recently and functions better than ever.



By now pretty much everyone knows what Zillow is. As far as users go Zillow has been at the top of the Real Estate Tech platform for some time now. Similar to the Realtor.com app, Zillow has a huge database of properties. That’s not all that makes Zillow great though. It has by far the most comprehensive sorting features of any other real estate app. Their proprietary feature called “Zestimate” can also be helpful as it gives the user an estimate of mortgage value and/or rent cost relative to the listing. All though it is important to note, “Zestimate” can be inaccurate at times. Perhaps the best part of Zillow is the connectivity to both realtors and lenders, on the app you can find out how people liked working with each individual. We think it is great!


Our New Mortgage App: Free App, Realtor.com, Zillow

Yes you read that right! We have a new mortgage app! Consider THIS the huge announcement. Our app has some great features for the user! We have a very comprehensive mortgage calculator that takes into account almost every factor imaginable. We also have a tab that provides the user with the freshest educational material available. Lastly, perhaps our coolest feature, is the document scanner. Our clients can scan any of the documents needed through the mortgage process right into our secure database. This makes communication through the home buying process flawless and extra convenient.The best part about our app is that its 100% FREE!

If you are on your phone Click Here to download the new app!

Are you looking to buy a house and need a mortgage? We would love to help! Please leave a comment or Click Here and find the most convenient way for you to contact us.


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