When you feel like you’re ready to buy your first home the feeling can be exhilarating, like freedom is just around the corner.  That first house purchase is more than just a home; building wealth through home equity is a significant investment in your future that can provide you with peace of mind and a swelling sense of pride.

Those are the types of first-time buyers that we love to work with.  You’re committed to your future, and as a Senior Loan Officer for Ross Mortgage, I am committed to helping you get there.

Taking the First Steps toward Buying a Home

Excitement can drive you to scour the local neighborhoods for great deals.  You might even be looking into foreclosures in hopes of finding that one, perfect home to make your own.  Before you start making a list of your favorite properties you have to identify your limits and budget.

That means understanding just how much house you can afford.

When you contact me, we’ll run through a mortgage pre-qualification to examine your monthly obligations, how much you can afford in terms of a mortgage payment, and the maximum amount you can qualify for.  Armed with this information, you’ll be on the fast track to finding the perfect home that fits into your lifestyle, budget and family.

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How a Mortgage Pre-Approval in Michigan Benefits You

When you pair up with a Michigan mortgage lender like myself to get pre-approved, you’ll open the flood gates on moving forward to buy your first home.  There are numerous benefits to holding that pre-approval including:

  • Stronger position for negotiation with a motivated seller
  • Faster closing process
  • Clear understanding of total closing costs when you find a home
  • Save time by looking at all the right homes
  • Be confident knowing that when you find the right home, no one can say “you don’t qualify”

Work with a Skilled Realtor to Find That Perfect Home

Don’t waste time on the legwork trying to find properties.  Once your pre-approval is in place, I can refer you to trusted realtors to act as your personal buyer’s agent.  They’ll take the time to understand what you need, what you can afford, where you want to live, your expectations, must-have amenities and more.  That info helps them eliminate properties and narrow you down to a handful of homes that match you and your family.

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