Pay it Forward 2014 Wrap Up

December 25, 2014 Marc Edelstein FHA mortgages in Michigan, First Time Home Buyers, Michigan Mortgage Banker, Michigan Mortgage Lender, Mortgage News, Oakland County Mortgage Banker, Wayne County Mortgage Banker 0 Comments

Pay it Forward 2014 Wrap UpAs the year comes to an end, I always like to go back and take a look at how my clients have done with the pay it forward promise. This is a program I instituted last year where I donate $50 to a charity of my client’s choice every time he or she does a loan with me. Last year, we did exactly 100 loans, totaling $5,000 in donations. This year, we did 83 loans which totals $4,150 in donations.

The donations are made to a number of different organizations in the greater Detroit area. There are no real restrictions; they can be small, local charities or local arms of large, multinational charities. I just ask that the charity be local in some way so that we are giving back to the communities where we live. I think charity starts at home, and I see this as a great way to help rebuild this wonderful state.

Some clients have a specific charity in mind when I discuss this program with them, but most simply chose one of my featured charities. These charities have become featured because I have some vetted them against a number of other charities and like what they stand for, but my list is in no ways all-encompassing of every great charity.

The number one charity for donations this year was the Make a Wish Foundation, Detroit chapter, with 11 donations or $550. The next most donations went to the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of MI, with 7 donations totaling $350. And in third, there was a tie for 6 donations each or $300 each for Operation Injured Soldiers and Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Next year, I will be changing some of my recommended charities, and if you have any you would like to see added to the list, please contact me or leave a comment.

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